Bob started with computers in 1977 at the age of 15 and immediately found his calling. A year later he bought his first personal computer with the money he saved being a paper boy and soon became proficient programming in 12 different languages.

Being an early adopter, Bob found himself tutoring college students and setting up computer systems for businesses which he found very rewarding. The satisfaction he received made him realize that he wanted to help others benefit from this amazing technology. This was the birth of Osmosis.

Later on he became sought after by many corporations, including those in the Fortune 500, as someone who could solve specific problems that they could not.

Fast forward years later, Bob decided that he would prefer to steer his skills into long term relationships with companies so he could better impact their growth and progress. To this day, that is what Bob and his staff at Osmosis continue to do.

If you ask Bob what he loves most about the direction Osmosis has taken, his response is “We make businesses more productive and profitable while giving ownership peace of mind and employees’ jobs less stressful. What could be better!”



Ben joined Osmosis in 2013. He is truly a “jack of all trades,” part account manager and high level support. He is extremely proficient in network infrastructure, firewalls and emails systems. Ben has the unique ability to see things from a “birds eye view” to help guide our customers to make smart decisions regarding their technology purchasing and workflow.



Joel joined Osmosis in 2012 and is the company’s resident hardware specialist.  Tailoring workstations and servers to a specific customers needs, he is able to spec and build the systems that you need to work effortless and efficiently. Joel is also our backup expert, continuously monitoring,tweaking and testing to ensure that your backups are not only working, but also ready to go should an emergency occur.



Eliot joined Osmosis in 2016.  A programmer by training, the unique ways he is able to see customer’s workflow is a huge benefit to figuring out ways on how to “do it better.” Eliot is also our automation expert, specializing in ways to be more efficient and enabling policies on our customer’s networks to both keep them protected and make sure everything “just works.”



Chris joined Osmosis in early 2018, coming from another IT firm. His thoroughness and attention to details is what drew him to our team and has made him a perfect fit for both our company and our customers.

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