Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s Surface line is a combination of beautiful aesthetics and solid performance to not only be able to get your work done wherever you are but also look good doing it!

Osmosis can also ship or deliver your new Surface fully configured for you – with all of your applications and email ready to go so you can hit the ground running.

The line is broken up into 3 types of machines:

Surface Pro 6 – A 12″ tablet with an optional snap on keyboard.  Extremely lightweight, it is a breeze to travel with and it ideal for those looking for a versatile system they can use as both a tablet and a laptop.

Surface Laptop – With a 13.5″ screen, the Surface Laptop is ideal for those looking for a more traditional clam shell laptop form factor.  Like the Pro, it is extremely light with great battery life.

Surface Go – A 10″ tablet with an optional snap on keyboard. Extremely compact and ideal for a traveling machine to keep you connected on the go.

Surface Book 2 – This model is ideal for power users.  It comes in two sizes (13″ screen and 15″ screen) and has multiple configurations available, including ones with discrete graphics for more demanding software (and maybe a few games!).

There are also a number of great accessories available for all machines in the Surface line, including travel friendly mice, a dial for artists, and a dock to use your Surface as a desktop machine and connect multiple monitors and other accessories to.  Contact us today for help on choosing the right model for you.

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