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About Us - Osmosis Development

The conscious and unconscious passing of knowledge, information, and tools from one source to another to enable them with true balance, efficiency and ultimate productivity. This is what we do:

Since 1991 our focus has been on helping businesses to function at their highest level of efficiency to achieve productivity and “peace of mind”.


Here is what we know about Business and Technology:

  • One size does NOT fit all
  • It should provide a Return on your Investment
  • it is ever evolving and changing

Why We Are Different?

We will look at your business holistically and provide solutions that make sense for each department.

We will provide guidance and solutions for all your business assets ( information, systems, and hardware) to enable and empower your employees to use all technology efficiently and with simplicity to make them more agile, competitive and profitable.

We will provide your business with a technologically sound and solid foundation.

When a solid foundation is in place, emergencies diminish, there are minimal costly business interruptions, the “IT guy” rarely needs to visit, your business assets remain safe from internal and external threats, and business goals are achieved.

We will adjust your technology environment from a reactive one to a proactive one.

One of the most crucial needs of a healthy business is having continuous access to information and services. Don’t you want to move past incident driven reactions and move towards proactively managing risk and ensuring business continuity.

We don’t want to fix your technology problems. We want to fix what causes your technology problems.

We will spend time learning about your business and it’s day to day operation, what is working and what is not working. After the discovery period, then and only then, we will provide recommendations of both hardware and software solutions. First and foremost, we are Business Development Consultants, and secondly, IT service providers.

We actually “Deliver” and will do what works best for your business

We enjoy long term relationships with our clients. We have nurtured relationships that have lasted for over a decade. We believe this is due to our commitment and ability to earn trust, and ensure that they can focus on their core business instead of worrying about their IT Systems working properly. We love to see our clients’ businesses grow and prosper.

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